Happy New Year from The Suburban Afro

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m studying digital marketing communications and my course leader set us a digital challenge based around MSc DMC 2016 2017, which runs until September 2017.

In my last post I mentioned that I have several online presences roaming wild and free around the internet, so I thought I’d introduce a few of them starting with Suburban Afro.

Suburban Afro is a blog I created to give me a place to experiment with WordPress and particularly the Genesis Framework. Having an ‘extra’ blog also gives me a place to improve my skills with Adobe Illustrator. Every post needs a featured image, which means that I have to create an image every time I finish writing a post.

We’re currently learning the practical elements of SEO and at some point I’ll also utilise my freshly developed search engine optimisation skills on the Suburban Afro, but its quite hard to imagine keyword phrases for a development blog which consists solely of some woman moaning about her hair. I don’t sell anything, despite my original vision being an afro hair products retail site, so I’m not entirely sure at this stage what I’m trying to achieve. For want of a better purpose let’s say its for entertainment and aim for more readers.

During my time as an independent retailer I came up with the idea of selling afro hair products, fairly random considering my business sold childrens clothes and gifts. The short(ish) version is that I was in my shop on a quiet retail day and needed to go and buy hair products from a specialist hair shop, but couldn’t because I was stuck in my own shop. An hour or so later I’d bought a web domain and ordered £300.00 worth of afro hair products with the intention of selling the majority of them online.

The plan didn’t quite work out. Running a bricks and mortar store and an associated ecommerce site is already a pretty big job, so if you throw in an extra retail business, that you didn’t bother researching, then realistically the end result is likely to be a big box of unsold haircare products. A year or so later I bought a different domain name (the original name was Afro Tamers) with the intention of selling the outstanding stock. By this point I had a much clearer picture of what was involved, so the domain just sat in my collection for a while. I eventually started the Suburban Afro blog where I essentially just get all my hair related grievances off my chest.

Who knows if I get really good at it I could get discovered and end up with a book deal – seems unlikely but there are a number of entertaining Twitter accounts that did exactly that, so if I learn to whine about my hair in an entertaining enough way my endless complaining could become commercially viable.

Feel free to visit and see what you think.

Bye for now