WorthyOnTheWeb Blog 

As part of the MSc DMC 2016 2017 challenge I’m looking at some of my online presences so today’s post covers the WorthyOnTheWeb blog.

WorthyOnTheWeb is my Twitter name and when I first started working for myself it was also the name of my business. For the last couple of years I have been building websites for small businesses and by small, I mean businesses with maybe only one or two people.

Sole traders are usually juggling lots of different areas in order to run their core business and many of them don’t have the time or inclination to become a digital expert. I started the blog with the intention of helping these small business owners learn what they needed to know in order to start using digital in a positive way. My intention was to provide some plain English information for regular people that don’t work in digital.

The downside of the blog is that it was started on a bit of whim so I didn’t really employ any content strategy, I’d just pick a topic from time to time that I thought would be useful. There is also no active strategy in place to get more readers or perform well in search. These things don’t make the content any less useful but it does mean that a lot less people are likely to ever read it.

Starting a blog is an easy thing to do and it costs literally nothing so it’s no wonder that people like me start them “willy nilly” nobody comes round and checks that you’re doing it right. As long as you don’t post anything illegal you can do what you like, and I like to share info for digital novices.

WorthyOnTheWeb Blog


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