All Over The Internet

The MSc DMC 2016 2017 challenge has been set, which requires me to start utilising my digital skills in a very specific way. I’m currently pondering the way forward and started casually looking at the various places that I exist on the internet.

The first thing that sprung to mind is: I am all over the internet! Not in a particularly cool, organised or intentional way. I’m just dotted about all over the internet. Websites, blogs, social media accounts and ecommerce sites relating to my various online personas, business ventures and random activities exist in little pockets of cyberspace. Some are flourishing and well maintained, whilst others have been totally abandoned and forgotten. I have created digital footprints in parts of the internet that I barely remember walking through. 

Although the MSc DMC 2016 2017 challenge started today and moves forward, throughout the process it would definitely be a good time to do some house keeping and tidy up my messy digital past. 


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